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My name is Natalie, I am a friendly Lady Melbourne born and Melbourne bred Australian of course, and all Redhead, attractive, mature - circa 1972. Most Gentlemen say I am very attractive looking, and according to some, I Am Very Girl Next Door Pretty. Personally I am a normal female, a pretty average, normal looking male. I Must Have Something Going For Me, as a 36 year old mature I am definitely not " Past It " On any given day I get more than my fair share of " Wolf Whistles " than most other lady's, inc new newbies half my age. I am real.


A real female, a real lady, what you see is what you get, who you see is who you you will meet. I am genuine, I am sincere, I am truthful, I am not a liar, I am not a cheat, nor am I a thief, I practice the golden rule, I live under an umbrella of positivity, I Have No Hidden Agendas, No Ulterior Motives. I am amply confident in saying you will not be disappointed in my nature, my character, my personal services !!! Meeting me in the flesh you will see that I am precisely The Lady I have described, attractive, well presented, appropriately dressed subtly accentuating the positives.

However, you would be amiss in failing to notice those other assets certain preferred females possess, desirable sexually appealing body, well toned legs, firm thighs, and though obligatory Hot Sexy Ass. If I may I would suggest you have but a negligible chance of meeting a better, a more committed lady. Wisdom or old wives tale, they say good things. Stating the obvious, I Am The Lady In These Photographs, this is me, this is what I still look like, this is the lady you will see when we meet. ( all photographs untouched )


An encouragingly positive experience for you, The first time we meet will be encouraging and will be positive. I will present myself in a visually memorable way, I will be wearing an eye catching ( appropriate ) tight - fitting size 8 outfit, something that will ignite your testosterone fueled desires Making an appointment to see me is easy I am very easy to contact and very easy to talk with. I can be pretty much available when you want me to be.

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